Classic Choral Society

The Roots of classic Choral Society Go back almost 200 Years!

March 16, 1820 marks the beginning of choral music at United Church of Christ, Blooming Grove - Click here to see the historical document!

Hurricane Sandy brought much in the way of destruction throughout the Northeast, however, there are always sliver linings, and an historical gem came to light whilst Linda Bull was carefully going through flood-damaged papers that had been stored in the church's basement. She discovered a proclamation citing the official formation of the Washington Ville Singing Society -- signed by Samuel Moffat, Issac Still and John Jaques.

“We are enormously proud of our connection to the history of the area – and it makes it even more special because we’ve been rehearsing in this space since we formed as CCS back in 1959,” commented Janiece Kohler, Artistic Director of Classic Choral Society, “There’s a long, unbroken line of music and fellowship here.” The chorus always performs one of it’s concerts each season at the church, a venue recognized for its fine acoustics and open architecture.

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Classic Choral Society is taking part in this regional non-profit fundraising effort to increase awareness of our presence in the Hudson Valley, and provide an opportunity to generate support for our upcoming concert season.

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